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"... delivers the kind of hurly-burly sweet 'n' soulful jazz that keeps Japanese collectors investing in original Blue Notes and DJs sampling '60s styles."

—  Ken Micallef, Philadelphia Weekly




“....he has a unique grasp of the music, steeped in tradition 

yet embodying his own ideas and style..” 

—Victor L. Schermer - 



"He’s an essential voice in contemporary jazz and an always exhilarating performer."

-—Roy Kasten - Riverfront Times


"saxophonist Tim Warfield is aggressive, he’s pensive, 

he’s tirelessly inventive and given to smoothly, cleverly 

changing paths in the midst of a solo.” 

—Giovanni Russonello - Capital Bop 



“...a swaggering, soulful tone and emphatic style...”

 —Ron Wynn - All Music Guide 



...spiritual, swinging, smokin’ and especially soulful.”  

—Mike Joyce, Washington Post 



“ earthy, smoky tone and postbop learning in excellent 

proportions.....his own saxophone sound is so commanding 

— even at low volume, in ballad subtleties — that he 

deserves hearing on his own.” 

—Ben Ratliff, New York Times 



“With a breathy and soulful timbre, his tenor voice is 

immediately identifiable; his compositions seek to explore 

a vociferous and spiritual platform that harkens back to the 

days of Coltrane.” 

—Chris Hovan, 




“He is perhaps the most powerful tenor saxophonist of his 


—Peter Watrous, New York Times 



"His improvisations get richer as they go along." -

- Peter Watrous,  New York Times



" instantly identifiable sound."

— Bruce Eaton,  ART VOICE





"Warfield's tenor recalls that of Dexter Gordon—large and in charge."

— C. Michael Bailey,





"Tim Warfield obtains liquid mobility and soulful expressiveness." 

—  Theresa Crushshon, JAZZ REVIEW.COM





"Tenor saxophonist Tim Warfield’s comprehension of post-bop traditions and trends in jazz is both utterly masterful and more than a little mysterious.'

—Roy Kasten - Riverfront Times




" ...a smart sense of narrative, beginning with hushed, deliberate lines and ending with heartfelt declarations."  

— Bill Kohlhaase,  Los Angeles Times





" ...he moves from elegant bebop filagrees to more modernistic Sheets of sound."  

 — Jon Pareles,  New York Times.





"He can quickly and smoothly shift into overdrive to push the envelope within a few bars, or stay at the simmering point to keep the lid vibrating for long spells."  

— Bill Shoemaker,  Jazztimes

"... is one of the most consistently engaging saxophonists in the game..."

— Dan Bilowsky,

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